Cyber Security

The logistics industry is heavily reliant on IT to support every aspect of day-to-day operations.  Coastalbridge is no exception, virtually all our business and information are processed through IT systems.  For that reason, any disruption to the IT environment or systems is a serious matter that can lead to significant losses and inconveniences.

Coastalbridge is committed to maintaining the highest standard of cyber security to protect our people, customers, partners, data, and systems from the ever-increasing risk posed by cyber criminals, malware, and phishing attacks.  We have dedicated resources to monitor, counter and minimize these risks as much as possible.

We recognize that no cyber defence strategy is perfect, but we seek to minimize the risks by partnering with specialists in the cyber security sector to ensure that our multi-layered defence strategy includes the latest knowledge and countermeasures to protect our systems and environment.

Our cyber security strategy is defined by the following key points:

  • A strong cyber security culture is crucial to our overall strategy. Our people are the first line of defence for protection against cyber threats.  Coastalbridge provides cyber security awareness training and information to ensure our people are well educated on how to safely navigate the online world.
  • Prevention technologies from market leading security companies.
  • Segmentation of our network to prevent any attacks from spreading to the entire network.
  • Stringent policies and procedures related to the application of the latest updates and security patches.
  • Defined and tested disaster recovery processes.
  • Major incident management procedures ensuring swift response in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Cyber security risk management which involves identifying, analysing, evaluating, and addressing cyber security threats, as well as taking steps and implementing methods and strategies to safeguard the company’s valuable assets.